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Success stories

Easy fertigation with Poly-Feed™ improves tomato plant strength, production, quality The importance of correct nutrition for horticultural crops was...
South Africa has some of the most ideal locations in the southern Hemisphere to grow and multiply highly valuable vegetable seeds destined for the European summer...
Variety: Shine-Muscat Location: Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province Observation was held on July 5, 2021          ...
An industry tour to Israel in 2015 is starting to come full circle for Tully banana grower Steve Lowe, with his family undertaking some of the first commercial plantings...
Introducing high quality, water soluble fertilisers into their fruit growing program several years ago has put the Borg family in Western Australia on...
A trial was carried out to evaluate the efficiency of Multicote™ Agri (8) 24-6-13 (“Juvenile” formula) in non-bearing citrus groves. Trial trees: Star Ruby grapefruit on...
A change in nutritional strategy using a new, specialist fertiliser blend he had a hand in developing has accelerated fruit-fill, increased...
ENCOURAGING results from the use of new controlled release fertiliser with potato crops has sparked wider adoption of the technology by growers in...
New Customer of MyMultifeed  By Marco Molenaar, Product Manager & Agronomist | Haifa North West Europe BVBA Company: Ricardo Jansen Lysianthus Place...
At his 36 Hectares plantation, Mr. Pushprajsinh Shivsinh Rathod grows papaya. With a yield of 200 Ton/Hectare he is proud to have the record for papaya yield in the...