HaifaStim™ specialty plant biostimulants
Nutritional supplements for healthy crops

HaifaStim™ is a range of specialty plant biostimulants – nutritional supplements carefully formulated to reinforce the plant and to improve its growth environment, in order to support optimal growth, alleviate stresses, boost yields and to maximize quality.
HaifaStim™ plant biostimulants improve the entire growth system, resulting in higher yields along with reduced environmental impact.


Biostimulants and mineral nutrition – the perfect combination for your crops

HaifaStim™ plant biostimulants don't replace adequate supply of plant nutrients from mineral fertilizers. Only fertilizers can provide the nutrition that intensive crop production requires. But HaifaStim™ products are the cherry on the cake, making a real difference: they allow the crop to reach its growth potential.
The combination of Haifa's plant nutrients and HaifaStim™ biostimulants creates fully integrated plant nutrition that meets the constantly rising needs of modern agriculture.


Top 5 reasons to use HaifaStim™

♦ Support high yielding crops: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to produce the metabolites and enzymes required to produce maximum yield.
♦  Alleviate stresses: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to recover its metabolism and reactivate biochemical processes and enzyme synthesize necessary for growth.
♦  Maintain all crops in optimal condition: HaifaStim™ products nourish the plant with physio-nutritional compounds that help to carry on its productive cycle and to avoid stresses.
♦  Boost uptake mineral fertilizers: HaifaStim™ products improve root activity, so their co-application with soluble fertilizers results in better nutrient use efficiency.
♦  Improve efficiency of agrochemicals: HaifaStim™ products facilitate the activity of herbicides and fungicides and accelerate their transport in the plant.



The HaifaStim™ range of plant biostimulants

HaifaStim™ HumiK
Stimulates root growth and enhances uptake of water and nutrients
Liquid formulation rich in humic and fulvic acids
HaifaStim™ Booster
Boosts metabolic activity in stress conditions
Concentrated formula of amino acids, peptides, magnesium, boron, iron, and other micronutrients
HaifaStim™ Vigor
Facilitates nutrient uptake, revitalizes the rhizosphere, and improves stress tolerance
Concentrated solution of free amino acids and short-chain peptides
HaifaStim™ Force
Saves metabolic energy; super-fast assimilation
Natural liquid extract combining polyphenols, mannitol, betaine, and L-amino acids
HaifaStim™ Vital
Improves the plant’s overall performance
Natural extract of micronized soft processed brown seaweed, enriched with polyphenols
HaifaStim eNergyHaifaStim™ eNergy
Improves the plant's energy balance
Liquid lipophilic formula, rich in low molecular weight bioactive molecules, amino acids and peptides
HaifaStim™ VIM
Improves soil fertility and nutrient use efficiency
concentrated suspension of pure micronized Leonardite, a rich source of humic and fulvic acids

HaifaStim™ Wall-Up  & Wall-Up S
Improves the plant's resistance to abiotic stresses and increases mechanical strength
Concentrated formulations rich in pant-available silicon
HaifaStim™ Calmaster & Calmaster PluS
Improves fruit quality and extends shelf life
Advanced calcium formulation, based on L-aspartic acid chelates
HaifaStim™ Rally
Enhances tolerance to extreme weather conditions
Soluble powder of glycin-betaine
HaifaStim™ KIR
Supports plant’s health and growth
Unique formulation of chitosan enriched with ortho-silicic acid & micronutrients
HaifaStim™ Promo
Improves metabolism and enhances flowering and fruit-set
Liquid preparation based on plant and seaweed extracts, rich in folic acid
HaifaStim™ Combat
Strengthen the plant’s systemic defense & enhances its resistance to abiotic stresses
Liquid preparation of readily assimilated copper