HaifaStim™ Vigor

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♦ Alleviates abiotic stresses

 Facilitates uptake and assimilation of nutrients

 Encourages beneficial microbial activity in the rhizosphere

 Improves yield


HaifaStim™ Vigor is a concentrated liquid solution with high content of free amino acids and short-chain peptides. It optimizes the transformation of nutrients into vital compounds such as enzymes, proteins and polysaccharides, hence highly beneficial for plants during phases of intensive growth or under stress.
HaifaStim™ Vigor is ideal for Nutrigation™ and foliar application.
HaifaStim™ Vigor is approved in Organic Farming in accordance with Regulations (UE) No 2018/848 and 2021/1165 and the NOP regulation.
Control ECOCERT SA F - 32600


5 l (6 kg) canisters in 20 l (24 kg) box on 600 l (720 kg) pallet
25 l (30 kg) canisters on 800 l (960 kg) pallet
1000 l (1200 kg) IBC


Nitrogen (N) total8.5%
Nitrogen (N) organic8.3%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4)0.2%
Total organic carbon (TOC)26.5%
Bioactive compounds 
Total amino acids and peptides48.7%
Free amino acids10.3%

Physiochemical properties

Specific gravity (at 25°C)1.2 g/cm3
 pH (0.1% solution at 25°C)6.5
 EC (0.1% solution at 25°C)0.3 mS/cm
Dry matter60.0%


It is recommended to apply HaifaStim™ Vigor whenever rapid vegetative growth is desired, and when aiming to get high yield. It is also recommended in situations of abiotic stress, especially in greenhouses. It is advised to apply HaifaStim™ Vigor during the initial growth stages, when vegetative growth is intensive, or when stress damages or growth breaks are noted. For best effect, repeated applications are recommended.
HaifaStim™ Vigor is compatible with most plant protection products and foliar fertilizers, with some restrictions on combination with copper and sulfur preparations. See product label for details. 
Download the full product brochure for more explanations and detailed recommendations

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