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Improves the energy balance of the plant 

♦ Encourages vegetative growth 

 Stimulates root activity 

 Improves flower induction and fruit setting 

 Increases yield and improves uniformity and quality 

 Improves plant's resistance towards abiotic stresses 

 Enhances chlorophyll synthesis


HaifaStim™ eNergy contains high concentrations of free amino acids and peptides - biochemically

active organic compounds that accelerate physiological processes in the plant and boosts growth.

The amino acids composition of HaifaStim™ eNergy is balanced and complete, and so is the content

of short and long chain peptides.

Screen analysis

  • Nitrogen (N) Organic 10%
  • Nitrogen (N) Organic water soluble 10%
  • Free Amino Acid 10%
  • Total Amino Acid & Peptides 46%
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by biological origin 30%
  • Specific weight 1.23-1.25 Kg/L

Primary sources of nutrients

  • Hydrolyzed proteins of enzymatic origin


  • 1L plastic bottle
  • 5L plastic can


HaifaStim™ eNergy is recommended for vegetable crops, fruit trees and open field crops – at all growth stages.


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