HaifaStim™ Booster

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♦ Boosts growth processes

 Supports fruit set

 Enhances foliar uptake of nutrients

 Alleviates abiotic stresses

 Improves yield quality

HaifaStim™ Booster is a dry, highly concentrated physio-nutritional formula, carefully designed to boost plant metabolism. HaifaStim™ Booster provides the growing plant with synergic combination of amino acids and peptides, magnesium, boron, iron, and other micronutrients.
It is ideal for application by foliar sprays and Nutrigation™.
HaifaStim™ Booster is approved in Organic Farming in accordance with Regulations (UE) No 2018/848 and 2021/1165
Control ECOCERT SA F - 32600


Bags of 3 kg in 24 kg boxes (on 432 kg pallets)
Bags of 10 kg (on 500 kg pallets)


Organic nitrogen (N)9.0%
Water soluble magnesium (MgO)6.0%
Water soluble sulphate (SO3)17.0%
Water soluble boron (B)1.0%
Water soluble copper (Cu)0.002%
Water soluble iron (Fe)3.0%
Water soluble manganese (Mn)0.01%
Water soluble molybdenum (Mo)0.001%
Water soluble zinc (Zn)0.002%
Total organic carbon (TOC) of biological origin28.0%
Bioactive compounds 
Free amino acids10%
Total amino acids56.2%


Physiochemical properties

Speific gravity  (at 20oC)0.65  g/cm3

pH & EC

Concentration w/v1 g/l2 g/l3 g/l10 g/l50 g/l
EC (mS/cm at 25°C)0.580.931.251.959.52
pH at 25oC5.55.45.335.35.0


Solubility (g/100g water)25.033.639.647.853.4



HaifaStim™ Booster is an ideal supplement to plant nutrition during phases of intensive vegetative growth and leaf expansion, ensuring optimal enzyme activity that supports plant vitality. It is highly recommended to apply HaifaStim™ Booster when stress conditions develop.
HaifaStim™ Booster can be mixed with the common water-soluble fertilizers and pesticides, except for highly alkaline products. It is advisable to carry out a small-scale test to ensure compatibility and plant safety of the mix. See brochure or consult Haifa expert for specific restrictions.
Download the full product brochure for more explanations and detailed recommendations

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