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Improved soil fertility 
♦ Higher mass of active roots 
♦ Better uptake of nutrients 
♦ Higher yield 
♦ Enhanced stress tolerance


HaifaStim™ HumiK contains a combination of organic molecules that have specific physio-nutritional functions. It stimulates root activity, encourages cell division and growth, and inhibits processes of tissue senescence.

Screen analysis

  • Organic matter as sampled 17%
  • Total organic matter (on dry matter) 60%
  • Organic Nitrogen (N) on dry matter 0.5%
  • C/N ratio 60
  • Density (20oC) 1.14 g/cm3
  • pH 8-10
  • Extraction medium KOH

Primary sources of nutrients

  • Pure humic substances in solution entirely derived from Leonardite


  • 5L and 20L plastic cans


HaifaStim™ HumiK is suitable for greenhouse vegetables, orchards, vineyards, olive, citrus, strawberry, ornamental plants and turf. HaifaStim™ HumiK stimulates rooting, thus highly recommended for rooted cuttings.

HaifaStim™ HumiK is recommended for use all through plant's growth cycle.




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