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Enhances flowering and fruiting 

 Improves the size, color and post-harvest duration of fruits 

 Delays aging of plant tissues and prevents fruit drop 

 Reduces occurrence of physiological disorders 

 Improves productivity and increases yield 

 Enhances development of the root system  

 Facilitates the effectiveness of herbicides and the action of fungicides   

 Increases plant resistance to abiotic stress resulted from extreme conditions 


HaifaStim™ Force is a physio-nutritional supplement for plants, containing ideal combination of plant derived bioactivating ingredients. HaifaStim™ Force rich with 18 free L-amino acids & peptides, polysaccharides, osmolytes (betaine and mannitol) and phytohormones.  

Screen analysis

  • Nitrogen (N) 3%
  • Organic matter 20%
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 8.5%
  • Total Amino Acids and Peptides 13%
  • Free L-amino Acids 8.5%
  • Betaine 0.17%
  • Mannitol 0.22%
  • Cytokinin 112 ppm
  • Auxin 24 ppm
  • Density 1.12 kg/L
  • EC (10%) Solution) 15-17 mS/cm
  • pH (10% Solution) 3.2

Primary sources of nutrients

  • Extracts of vegetal matter


  • 1L plastic bottle
  • 5L and 20L plastic can


HaifaStim™ Force is the ideal physio-nutritional supplement for plants during the stages of establishment, budding, flowering and fruit growth. It is also recommended whenever stress conditions develop.

Due to its low EC and pH, HaifaStim™ Force is ideal for use in hydroponic systems.


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