Haifa Grows

The plan that will contribute the world’s agriculture
The Haifa Group's plan to double its production capacity significantly contributes to increasing agricultural productivity.

Following a growing demand to Haifa’s specialty plant nutrition solution and the expansion of its product range the Group released a Five-Year Plan “Haifa 2024”. The plan aimed at doubling the group's production capacity and enable production of new advanced products.

What does the Five Year Plan include?

The Haifa Group will invest approximately US$ 350 million in infrastructure and facilities for the production of special fertilizers, including investment in an ammonia production facility - a key raw material in the Haifa Group's production process. Construction of the facility is expected to be carried out as part of an industrial project considered one of the largest in the state of Israel.

The new ammonia facility will be part of a greater industrial complex that Haifa will establish in Mishor Rotem, Israel, and it will include a power plant that will serve the Haifa Group plant. All of these will contribute to the growth momentum of the industrial park in Mishor Rotem, for the benefit of the entire region.


Contribution to the economy
Encourage the use of renewable energy
Cultivating a sustainable environment
Increase yield
More jobs

Doubling production capacity will significantly increase Haifa's contribution to Israel's economy and exports, double its contribution to gross domestic product, increase its export output, and double local raw material purchases.

Beside of being a perfect plant nutrition product, Haifa's high quality potassium nitrate is used to operate thermal solar stations, thereby actively supporting to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Haifa Group produces specialty fertilizers, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to ordinary fertilizers. Increasing production capacity will increase the global use of these fertilizers, to the welfare of the farmers and the environment.

As the UN forecasts a 70% increase in global food consumption by 2050, Haifa Group acts to increase agricultural productivity through innovative solutions and advanced fertilization methods.

Haifa Group directly and indirectly employs about 5,000 employees. Expanding the group's activities will create more jobs and may double the number of employees.