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News & Events

15 Mar2023
Fertilizers Turkey 2023 conference
Haifa group was happy to take part in the Fertilizers Turkey 2023 conference last week with its distributors, local manufacturers and international customers.
13 Mar2023
Haifa won prize for Excellence in Supply Chain Management
Haifa Group is proud for having won the prize for Excellence in Supply Chain Management given by The Israeli Union of Supply Chain Management (ISCMA) which was given to our company at the union's 23rd Israeli Conference.
16 Mar2022
Haifa Group expands to Ecuador
Haifa Group has signed with HORTICOOP BV a purchase agreement acquiring Horticoop Andina, a wholesaler specializing in marketing nutritional products for agriculture, located in Quito, Ecuador.
01 Feb2022
Growing Future Researchers in Dimona
The Center for Fertilization and Plant Nutrition has been operating there for several months. Sponsored by Haifa Group and under close professional guidance, students examine the effect of different compositions of fertilizers on the development of plants, and in the process, experience independent
27 May2021
Haifa Group launched 15 environmental projects worth 80$ million in a ceremony
Haifa Group is expanding the Haifa Negev Technologies plant located in Mishor Rotem with a total investment of approximately 1.2 billion NIS  in infrastructure and facilities for the production of special fertilizers. In the event held on Tuesday (25/5) at the Mishor Rotem plant, 15
28 Feb2021
Haifa Group signed an agreement with AgrIOT.
According to the agreement with AgriOT, in which Haifa will invest in AgrIOT around $2M against nearly 30% of the company and global exclusive distribution rights. 


21 May2023
This week Haifa Colombia and our distributors BAM  launched the new  HaifaMicroTM line with two seminars on Efficient Nutrition in Cut Flowers in different parts of the country (Sabana de Bogotá and Rionegro Antioquia) and a real-time transmission.
04 May2023
The visit of IFA CEO Alzbeta Klein to the Haifa Group
Recently, the CEO of IFA - International Fertilizers Association, which unites over 450 producers from some 80 countries, visited in Israel. The CEO's, Ms. Alzbeta Klein, visited Israel to get to know advanced agricultural technologies and to explore possibilities for cooperation with Israeli
04 May2023
HaifaSafe application launch in France
Haifa has launched HaifaSafe application in France on April 17th, 2023, with the participation of Mark Aviv, Haifa's VP of Safety, Quality & Security, Nicolas Tinetti, HFR Managing Director, Quentin Hivet, HFR CRF Production Manager, Yafit Vaitz, Global Quality Coordinator in Haifa, a
02 May2023
A group from South Africa was hosted at Aaronsohn Farm
we were proud to host a special group of 65 visitors from South Africa at our R&D and Innovation center at Aaronsohn Farm in Atlit.
08 Mar2023
Hosting a group of clients from Colombia
In the start of March, 23 guests from Colombia arrived for a visit in Haifa Israel. They were accompanied by The Managing Director of Haifa Colombia Claudia Coronado. The guests were Palm oil growers, customers of our distributor Agrobrokers in Santa Marta district in Colombia.
02 Mar2023
מפגשי מגדלים
לקראת עונת עצי הפרי, שמתחילה השנה מוקדם מהצפוי והרצוי, ערכה קבוצת חיפה שלושה מפגשי מגדלים: כנס מגדלי מטעים נשירים ביסוד המעלה, כנס מגדלי מנגו ברמות וכנס מגדלי אבוקדו באכזיב.