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News & Events

25 May2016
PR: Haifa Opens a CRF Manufacturing Facility in Savannah, Georgia
06 Feb2016
Haifa expands its Multicote™ product family
New coated urea granules offer a continuous supply of nitrogen over 16 months.
15 Apr2015
Free Haifa webinar: optimizing nutrition & climate
17 Mar2015
Haifa launches a Genuine Mobile App Supporting Growers' Foliar Feeding Practice
25 Feb2015
Learn how to optimize crops' color & appearance. Join our free webinar!
29 Jan2015
Optimizing Growth – Haifa Group’s Webinar


20 Jun2019
Haifa Italia srl will participate ENOVITIS IN CAMPO fair on the 20th-21th of June 2019. ENOVITIS IN CAMPO is the only dynamic fair in Italy entirely dedicated to viticulture technology.
19 Jun2019
5º Congreso Internacional de Frutos Rojos
Haifa Iberia will participate in the 5th International Congress de frutos rojos, on the 19-20of June 2019, held in Palacio de Congresos de la Casa Colón de Huelva. The sector of red fruits or berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) in the province of Huelva is
05 Jun2019
Culturales 2019
Haifa France is coming to Les Culturales 2019 exhibition. 5-6 on June 2019 , From 9am to 6pm.
22 May2019
InfoAgro Exhibition
Haifa Iberia will participate at the InfoAgro Exhibition. The perfect meeting point for farmers and companies. 22-24 of May, Almeria, Spain.
22 May2019
Australian Banana Industry Congress
The 13th Congress is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet, with a new format, a stand-out location and a diverse range of speakers and exhibitors.
08 May2019
Macfruit 2019 - Fruit & Veg Professional Show
Haifa Italia SRL will participate in Macfruit 2019 -  Fruit & Veg Professional Show in Rimini, Italy.  8-10 of May 2019,  booth D7 - 150