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PR: Haifa's Pioneering spirit goes On-Line with the Launch of a Vast Interactive Agriculture Knowledge Center

Turns its extensive expertise and experience into value added industry knowledge freely accessible to all agriculture community members, anytime, anywhere


HAIFA Chemicals, a global leading supplier of potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates, today announced the launch of a comprehensive, interactive on-line knowledge center, marking the first step in its multi phase social media rollout plan. Accessed through Haifa's new website, it enables farmers to take advantage of Haifa's experience and know-how and learn how to maximize gains from their crops.



In this unique knowledge center, members will find a huge store of information including crop guidesnutrition recommendationsexperiments results and research data, articles in plant nutrition and applications' methods as well as expert software. This platform also includes a friendly Lookup application for solutions for particular crops and growth methods.


Haifa's new website also unveiled the "Haifa community", a best in class platform that connects members with agriculture associates and experts worldwide. Community members can share their experience, consult with experts and other growers, present growth results, publish pictures, post questions or issues for community discussion, and much more.


At the same time Haifa announces the introduction of QR (Quick Response) codes. These QR codes, printed on Haifa product packages, will provide instant access to valuable knowledge such as use recommendations and special offers.


As the world's prime manufacturer of Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions, Haifa understands and embraces its responsibility to contribute to the agriculture growers' community and to take a leading role in the intensive, sustainable agriculture sector, said Mr. Nadav Shachar, Haifa's CEO  & Vice Chairman.


This 'open to all', powerful and friendly platform is a usable implementation of Haifa's "Farmer's Mind" value proposition and its focus on the farmers' needs and challenges. "The platform's two main interactive applications, the "Haifa U knowledge center" and the "Haifa community", will make access to industry knowledge and its application in the field much easier", said Mr. Natan Feldman, Haifa's Vice President Sales and Marketing.


"Understanding the huge contribution of up-to-date verified knowledge in best practices to the economic success of the growers, we are proud to be the ones to first establish this exciting platform. We will continue to do our very best to pioneer the way forward to a better and more productive world", he added.