MultiMatch™ - Customize Controlled Release Nutrition for Your Crops


MultiMatch™ is the easiest way to enjoy the full benefits of Multicote™ controlled release nutrition:

Optimal growth Best Nutrient Use Efficiency
Top yields Lower fertilizer application rates
Reduced fertilizer losses Minimized environmental impact

Haifa's Multicote™ controlled-release fertilizers deliver a single application solution that nourishes your crops from planting to harvest. MultiMatch™ goes beyond precise formulas by factoring in your specific field conditions like temperature, rainfall, and soil type. This tailored approach delivers maximum nutrient use efficiency, minimizing fertilizer waste and virtually eliminating environmental losses.

Measure Your Impact, Maximize Your Gains

A new feature on MultiMatch™ calculates the environmental footprint of your planed controlled release nutritional program and compares it to conventional alternatives. 
Thus, you can make sure that you choose the best nutrition not only for your crops, but also for the planet!

So, here's how MultiMatch empowers you:

  • Precision Fertilization: Tailored formulas for optimal nutrient uptake and minimal waste.
  • Near-Zero Losses: Virtually eliminate environmental contamination from fertilizer runoff.
  • Impact Assessment: Compare your planned program's footprint to conventional methods.
  • Sustainable Choice: Make informed decisions that benefit both your farm and the environment.