FertiMatch™: Your assistant in fertigation calculations

The FertiMatch™ app helps the grower carry out Nutrigation™ (fertigation) calculations by determining the right amount of fertilizers needed for a desired composition. With input that includes data about the fertigation control head, choice of reference element and fertilizers in use, FertiMatch™ is a fertilizer calculator that will tell you how much of each fertilizer you have to add to the tank to get exactly what your crop needs.
  • No more hassle in fertigation calcultions.
  • Get the required figure in 3 easy steps.
  • Dynamic settings: Metric / US / Imperial; Oxide / Elemental; ppm / mmol and more.
  • Interface in 10 languages (Android and iOS, soon to be availabe for Windows phone)
  • No internet access is required.
iPhone version:
iPad version:
Android version:
Windows Phone version:
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