Vineyard Guide: Get the most out of your grape fertilizer

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Highlights for your GRAPE crop nutrition

Foliar applications of NPK+micro are recommended, to match demands at this stage while uptake by roots is still limited.
Application of humic substances improves soil properties and root activity.
Adequate boron supply in this stage is necessary to avoid Millerandage,   
which might lead to uneven berry size and ripening.
These are stages of peak nitrogen demand.
To ensure efficient uptake it is recommended to supply high nitrate.
Addition of micronutrients at this stage is essential for optimal
accumulation of sugars and anthocyanins in the growing berries.
Foliar applications of potassium are recommended, to match high demands at this stage.
Calcium is required to protect the fruit and to improve its quality.
Even when not manifested on leaves, calcium deficiency might result in berry cracking, berry dropping and grain rot.
In wine grapes, leaf analysis provides indication of the required post-harvest fertilizer application rates.
Post-harvest fertilization creates nutrient reservoirs for the next season.
Application of humic acids improves soil properties and root activity

Salinity Grape vines are moderately-sensitive to salinity, with potential of 10% yield loss at EC of 2.5 dS/m. 
Low salinity irrigation is critical in both saline and non-saline soils. Make sure to apply fertilizers with low salt index and minimal chloride & sodium content.

  Haifa Solutions for GRAPE nutrition

Note: the recommendations brough here should be considered as general guidelines. 
The actual program should consider the plant status and growth conditions. 
Consult Haifa agronomist to suit the optimal nutritional program for your grape crop.    

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