Core Values

Embracing Customer Mindset

Customers - external and internal - are our prime focus. We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and responsible to maintain their loyalty.

Innovate and Initiate

We drive ourselves to take initiative and to innovate all the time. We take all measures to carry out and implement our initiatives.

Create Quality - Safely

We warrant the quality and safety of our products, while keeping safety uncompromisingly.

Do It Together

We believe in the power of collaborations and joined efforts to achieve common goals. We know that teamwork creates added value and improves productivity.

Act With Intergrity

We always act according to strict ethical principles. We always demonstrate trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility.

Take Personal Responsibility

We take full responsibility for our duties and assignments. We complete tasks, notify on problems and delays transparently, and strive to find solutions for any fault.

Grow Together

We are committed to continuous learning and self-development, while supporting the growth of our team members and colleagues.