Free Haifa webinar: optimizing nutrition & climate



Optimizing growth by interaction of fertilizer, climate, pH and EC


The climate, to which plants are exposed, influences their growth, and when the production takes place in greenhouses, also vice versa. To achieve optimal development of crops, a very specific interaction between climate and fertilizers supply is required. In the upcoming webinar, Prof. Leo Marcelis from the Wageningen University, will explore this subject. Prof. Marcelis will show how growers can optimize the cultivation of different crops with changes in climate, pH, EC, and fertilization.

Optimizing Nutrition & Climate is the 4th Haifa Group webinar in the series. In one hour time, greenhouse, floriculture and nursery professionals are invited get practical advice to improve growth, production and appearance of their crops and products. As the webinar is broadcasted live, viewers are welcome to ask questions, addressing instantly by the Haifa team.
A FREE WEBINAR, Wednesday, 15th April, at 20.00h (GMT+1h)

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