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Following the success of its first two webinars, Haifa Group will air its third webinar - in a series of four - on Wednesday 4th March, 2015, at 20.00h (GMT +1h). Titled ‘Optimizing color & appearance by micronutrients’, the webinar will present practical key aspects regarding vegetables and ornamentals. As the webinar is broadcasted live, viewers will be able to ask questions and receive an immediate response from the Haifa team experts.

Assisting growers, advisors and horticulture professionals
Co-produced with Wageningen University, the Netherlands, the webinars are delivered by Prof. Leo Marcelis, Head of chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology. The third webinar will assist growers, advisors and horticulture professionals by providing knowledge on micronutrients and their effect on crops' appearance.
Prof. Marcelis will also discuss specific issues such as:
  • Manganese deficiency: additional manganese is not always the solution
  • Is it sufficient to supply a high concentration iron chelate to deal with iron deficiency? (yellow young leaves)
  • Source water containing a lot of organic material - the possible cause for copper deficiency
  • Proper desinfection measures can have major implications on the absorbability of micronutrients;
  • Desinfection (aquahort) by recirculation can lead to copper poisoning;
  • UV light can break down chelates.

Registration and participation are free

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You are welcome to register in advance for the last webinar in the series:

  • April 15th, 2015: Optimizing Climate in relation to nutrition and vice versa, with special attention to pH and EC


More than 1,500 worldwide viewers already watched, and highly rated the first two Haifa webinars. Watch it on Haifa's YouTube channel or here: