HaifaStim™ Kir

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 Mitigate negative effects of abiotic stress
 Increase crop yield and quality
 Improves foliage vitality

HaifaStim™ KIR is a unique liquid formulation of chitosan, enriched with ortho-silicic acid and micronutrients. The chitosan in HaifaStim™KIR promotes the accumulation of bioactive substances in the plant, supports photosynthesis and enhances plant growth.
HaifaStim™ KIR strengthens the plant and triggers the activity of antioxidant enzymes, thus mitigating the negative effects of oxidative stresses.

HaifaStim™ KIR is ideal for Nutrigation™, foliar applications and hydroponics, and useful for seed and pre-harvest treatments.  
1 L (1.02 kg) bottles in 6 L (6.12 kg) boxes, on 480 L (489.6 Kg) pallets
10 L (10.2 kg) drums, on 600 L (612 Kg) pallets


Silicon (Si)0.4%
Water soluble copper (Cu), chelated by EDTA0.15%
Water soluble iron (Fe), chelated by EDTA0.3%
Water soluble manganese (Mn)0.9%
Water soluble molybdenum (Mo)0.2%
Water soluble zinc (Zn)0.5%

HaifaStim™ Kir is recommended for seed and plug treatment, and all through the growth season. It is highly recommended when weather conditions give rise to drought and salinity build-up.
Coating of seeds with HaifaStim™ KIR creates protection and stimulates germination.  Pre-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables with HaifaStim™ KIR extends yield shelf life. 
HaifaStim Kir is compatible with most fertilizers, biostimulants and crop protection products. It is advisable to carry out a small-scale test to ensure compatibility and plant safety of the mix.

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