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Prevents physiological disorders

Enhances stress resistance

Extends fruit shelf life

HaifaStim™ Calmaster is an advanced calcium formulation that allows fast absorption of calcium by plants, and its assimilation in plant tissues, thus preventing physiological disorders related to calcium deficiency.
HaifaStim™ Calmaster provides plants with calcium in the form of L-Aspartic Acid chelates. Due to its low molecular weight, this chelating agent enables efficient penetration of the calcium through leaf cuticle, facilitating its uptake and activity. The unique chelating technology prevents calcium from blocking, fixation and precipitation with other nutrients or agrochemicals. It also ensures stability in a wide pH range.
HaifaStim™ Calmaster PluS combines the benefits of calcium as L-Aspartic Acid chelate and silicon as ortho-silicic acid. The synergic activity of calcium and silicon supports strength of cell membranes and plant skeleton.

Fast, highly efficient absorption of calcium from HaifaStim™ Calmaster or Calmaster PluS helps preventing typical disorders related to calcium deficiency:
 Blossom end rot (BER) in tomato, pepper and other susceptible crops
 Bitter pit in pomme fruits
♦ Cracking in cherries, plums and other stone fruits
 Sun burns in fruits and green vegetables
 Secondary infections due to wounds

HaifaStim™ Calmaster and Calmaster PluS are fully soluble in water and ideal for application by foliar sprays and Nutrigation™.

• 1kg bags in 8kg boxes (576kg on pallet)
• 2kg bucket in 16kg boxes (512kg on pallet)
• 5kg buckets in 20kg boxes (640kg on pallet)
• 25kg buckets (750kg on pallet)


  CalmasterCalmaster PluS
Calcium oxide (CaO)10%10%
Ca chelated with L-Asp Acid10%10%
Silicon Oxide (SiO2)-4.3%
Silicon (Si)-2.0%
Iron (Fe)-0.4%


Physiochemical properties


  CalmasterCalmaster PluS
pH (0.1% water solution 20oC)8.0 ± 1.08.0 ± 1.0
EC (0.1% water solution 20oC)1 ± 0.04 mS/cm1.5 ± 0.04 mS/cm
Solubility (water solution 20oC)700 g/l700 g/l
Specific gravity0.75-0.8 g/cm30.75-0.8 g/cm3
pH stability range4-104-7



It is advised to apply HaifaStim™ Calmaster or Calmaster PluS from fruit setting, through fruit development until harvest.
In alkaline soils, where calcium fixation and calcium carbonate formation take place, it is highly recommended to supplement plant nutrition with HaifaStim™ Calmaster or Calmaster PluS.
Compatibility: HaifaStim™ Calmaster and HaifaStim™ Calmaster Plus are compatible with most fertilizers and agrochemicals.
It is recommended to carry out a small-scale test before preparing a tank-mix.


Download the full product brochure for more explanations and detailed recommendations


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