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 Increases plant tolerance to adverse growth conditions 
 Boosts the plant's natural resistance to abiotic stresses
 Improves quality parameters, productivity and yield
 Helps to increase stem strength
 Delays aging of plant tissues and prevents fruit drop
 Reduces occurrence of physiological disorders


HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S is the most concentrated source of plant-available silicon (Si). It provides easily assimilated ortho-silicate, combined with a mixture of EDTA and DTPA water soluble iron chelates, to ensure performance in a wide range of pH.

HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S enhances plant growth and health.
The ortho-silicates in HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S improves the plant's tolerance to abiotic

Screen analysis

  • Silicon oxide (SiO2) 42.8%
  • Silicon (Si) 20%
  • Water-soluble Iron (Fe) as EDTA & DTPA chelate 5%
  • Form: Micro granules
  • pH (0.1% solution) 7.8
  • EC (0.1% solution) 0.23 mS/cm
  • Solubility 1000gr/l


  • 1kg bag
  • 25kg bag


HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S is recommended for plants during the stages of establishment, budding, flowering and fruit growth, and whenever stress conditions develop. 
HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S is ideal for use in hydroponic systems and for blending with water soluble fertilizers.  

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