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Encourages root activity

 Supports establishment and relieves transplanting shock 

 Improves root mass and growth

 Enhances uptake of nutrients

 Counteracts salinity

 Improves plant's water retention and drought tolerance


HaifaStim™ VIM is a concentrated suspension of pure micronized Leonardite, a rich source of

humic and fulvic acids. Improving soil fertility and uptake of nutrients, it is recommended for

use all through plant's growth cycle.

Screen analysis

  • Humic and Fulvic acids 18%
  • Total Organic carbon (TOC) 30%
  • Organic Matter as sampled 90%
  • Organic matter extractable in total organic matter 60%
  • pH 4

Primary sources of nutrients

  • Concentrated suspension of pure micronized Leonardite


  • 1L plastic bottle
  • 5L plastic can


HaifaStim™ VIM is suitable for greenhouse vegetables, orchards, vineyards, olive, citrus, strawberry, ornamental plants and turf. HaifaStim™ VIM stimulates rooting, thus highly recommended for rooted cuttings and seedlings in the nursery.


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