HaifaStim™ Rally

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 Protects from heat and frost

 Encourages root growth

 Stimulates photosynthesis

 Delays aging of chloroplasts

 Enhances assimilation of nutrients in developing organs

HaifaStim™ Rally
is a glycin-betaine formula, concentrated natural compound that protect plants from extreme weather conditions.
HaifaStim™ Rally is a soluble powder, ideal for application by Nutrigation™ and foliar sprays.
It is absorbed easily by leaves and roots, showing a positive effect within 24 hours. 
HaifaStim™ Rally is approved for organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EU) 834/2007 (EU National Regulation for Organic Agriculture).

1 kg buckets in 6 kg boxes, 396 kg on pallet
3 kg buckets in 12 kg boxes, 576 kg on pallet
20 kg buckets


Total nitrogen (N)12.0%
Organic nitrogen (n) from vegatal origion12.0%
Organic carbon51.0%
Glycine- Betaine of high purity>97%
Dry matter97.0%

It is advised to apply HaifaStim™ Rally when severe weather conditions are expected. To maintain an effective level of the active ingredients in the plant, it is recommended to repeat application every 15-20 days.   HaifaStim™ Rally can be applied with the Nutrigation™ solution or as foliar spray, using standard equipment.


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