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 Enhances the plant’s mechanical strength 
 Improves water use efficiency
 Increases productivity and improves yield


HaifaStim™ Wall-Up is a concentrated liquid formulation that provides plants with highly efficient silicon, based on innovative ortho-silicic acid technology.
Haifa Stim™ Wall-Up is enriched with fully water-soluble chelated micronutrients.
HaifaStim™ Wall-Up helps build plant’s cell walls, thus enhancing mechanical strength, increasing tolerance to abiotic stresses and improving yield quality.
HaifaStim™ Wall-Up is ideal for foliar application and also suitable for Nutrigation™.

HaifaStim™ Wall-Up is approved in Organic Farming according to Regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165


  • 1 Liter bottle (1,23 kg) in 14,76 kg boxes (1136.52 kg on pallet)
  • 5 Liter canister (6.15 kg) in 12.3 kg boxes (1230 kg on pallet)


Silicon Oxide (SiO2) total 8.5%
Silicon (Si) 4.0%
Copper (Cu) chelated with EDTA 0.8%
Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA 0.8%
Zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA 1.1%

Physicochemical properties

pH (in 10% solution) 4.2%
Electrical conductivity EC (10% Solution at 20°C) 6.8 mS/cm
Density 1.23 kg/L


Nutrigation™: During the period of maximum production and/or absorption of nutrients, apply 2 l/ha every  3rd-5th Nutrigation cycle.
Foliar application: Apply 1 L/ha during the critical phases of plant development and growth. Repeat application every 10-14 days.

Download the full product brochure for more explanations and detailed recommendations

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