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Haifa Cal™ - Calcium nitrate for healthy crops

Haifa's Prime grade of calcium nitrate offers multiple benefits for growers
who seek the most precise results in challenging growth conditions. With
high concertation and near zero ammonium level this new product sets
New Standards of Calcium Nitrate.


Strong cell walls shield your crops, ensuring healthier growth and longer shelf life.

The Haifa Cal™ range let you pick the precise calcium nitrate grade and formula to maximize your crop’s strength.

Calcium is a “quality nutrient” that enhances yield quality and prolongs shelf life. As the mobility of calcium in the plant is limited, it has to be supplied throughout the growth season to keep adequate levels in the plant tissues and to ensure proper development. 

Calcium in the plant
Calcium is essential for the building of cell walls. Poor calcium supply interferes with this important function, resulting in distorted growth and deformation of root tips, young leaves, and shoot tips. In addition weaker cells are more susceptible to biotic attacks. Calcium is also involved in enzymatic reactions and in the coordination of inter-cellular processes.

Calcium deficiency
Calcium deficiency is usually shown as localized rot of tissues, and a consequent growth inhibition. Typical symptoms include leaf deformation, leaf tip burn and root tip burn. Calcium deficiency also reduces quality of the harvest, and shortens shelf life.


Calcium Nutrient Deficiencies


The Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Range from Haifa

Haifa Cal - Product rangeHaifa Cal™ range of calcium nitrate products offers ideal source of plant-available calcium for all crops and growing methods. Haifa Cal products contain nitrogen in the form of nitrate (NO3-), which enriches plant nutrition and improves the efficiency of calcium uptake.

Haifa Cal™ products are suitable for highly-efficient applications by Nutrigation™ (fertigation) and foliar sprays, as well as soil applications.




Five grades of Haifa Cal™:

  Haifa Cal™ Prime – Concentrated Calcium Nitrate Ideal for soilless grown crops and hydroponic

♦ Haifa Mag Cal plus Fe - Ideal supply of secondary nutrients

 Haifa Cal™ GG –  Greenhouse-grade calcium nitrate,  suitable for Nutrigation™ ( Fertigation ) and for foliar application.
♦ Haifa Cal™ Nutrigation  – Calcium nitrate for Nutrigation™ in open field.
♦ Haifa Cal™ Agri – granular calcium nitrate for direct soil application.


Product analysis

  Haifa Cal™ Prime Haifa Cal™ GG Haifa Cal™ NG Haifa Cal™ AG
Best for
Soilless and Hydroponics    
Soil greenhouse    
Outdoors vegetables    
Open field crops    
Fruit trees