Time and method of fertilizer application for potatoes

Abstract: 1977 Dahnke , et al. reported on the results of 17 soil fertility field trials with potatoes. The results of those trials indicated : 1. A yield response by potatoes to added fertilizer nitrogen is very probable when the amount of nitrate-nitrogen in the top 2 feet of soil is less than 60 pounds per acre at or near planting time . 2. When the phosphorus soil test (Olson test) is less than 15 pounds of P per acre, potatoes will very likely respond to added phosphate fertilizer . 3 . A response to potassium fertilizer was obtained at only one of 17 sites. That site had a potassium soil test of 162 pounds per acre. The probability of getting a potato yield response to potassium fertilizer is very unlikely in the Red River Valley or any other place in North Dakota. 4. While high rates of nitrogen tend to decrease specific gravity, fertilizer applications did not influence the color of potato chips.


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