How to increase potato yield

Side dressing of Multi-KMg prill increased yield by 9%


Potatoes / Estima
Country / location England / Suffolk / Sutton Hoo Farms
Objectives Increase yield
Haifa product tested Multi KMg 12-0-42+2MgO (prills)
Application method Side dressing
Tested treatment 250 kg/ha of Multi KMg 12-0-42+2MgO (prills)
Control treatment results 47.23 MT /ha
Best treatment results 51.51 MT /ha
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase: 4.28 MT/ha (9.06% over control)
Grower’s revenue from yield: 192 US$/MT 
Cost of treatment (application + material US$/ha) 171
Net benefit of best treatment (4.28 x 192) – 171 = 651 US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio (4.28 x 192) / 171 = 4.8

A consistent yield increase throughout this series of experiments, with Multi-KMg

Reference S. Garnett (Hi-Chem, UK) & J. Anders


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