Poly-Feed™ Stim - a hybrid fertilizer

The next evolution of water-soluble fertilizers, technology that combines mineral fertilization with natural stimulants, in a single product,  to support ideal nutrient use efficacy.

Haifa's Poly-Feed Stim line combines the nutritional values of Haifa's well-known Poly-Feed™ NPK formulae with the unique benefits of HaifaStim™ product line, boosts vital processes in the plant and enhance stress tolerance and improve overall plant preformance. Haifa Poly Feed Stim is unique combination of natural stimulants and mineral nutrients. provides the plant with optimal conditions to improve the entire growth system, enhance plants development and get superior results and higher yields.

Improves soil fertilityEnhances nutrient assimilationStrengthens plantBoosts plant developmentImproves stress toleranceReduces drought stressImproves yield



The benefits of Poly-Feed™ Stim:

♦ High concentration of fully soluble, readily available nutrients
♦ All plant nutrients in a single product 
♦ Improved nutrient uptake & mobility
♦ Increases stress tolerance to adverse growth conditions 
♦ Strengthens natural plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress
♦ Higher yield and better quality 


Haifa Poly-Feed™ Stim Products Range:

Haifa Multi-K™ Classic - Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46


Poly-Feed™ Stim Armor
19-19-19+1+ME+0.2% Si | 19-19-19+1+ME+0.4% Si | 
15-15-30+ME+0.4% Si | 15-15-30+0.5% Si | 15-15-30+0.2%Si | 15-15-30+ME+0.2% Si |  13-5-41+Fe+0.2%Si | 13-5-41+Fe+0.4% Si
Rich in plant-available silicon (Si)
Improves nutrient uptake and use efficiency.



Poly-Feed™ Stim Spark
19-9-28+ME | 19-19-19+ME | 12-42-12+ME | 18-18-18+2MgO+ME | 12-17-27+2MgO+ME | 22-11-22+ME 
Contains special Humate complex
Improves foliar adsorption and assimilation of the nutrients.


Poly-Feed™ Stim Impact
20-20-20+ME  | 16-8-34+ME | 7-51-17+ME
Contains special Fulvate complex
Increases plant mechanical strength. 


Poly-Feed™ Stim Enduro
21-11-21+2MgO+ME | 12-5-40+1.6MgO+ME | 15-15-30+ME | 19-19-19+ME
Contains seaweed extracts
Enhances plant growth for better yields.