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Water-Soluble NPK Fertilizer
13-5-41 with Silicon

Primary sources of nutrients

  • Potassium Nitrate, Monoammonium Phosphate
  • P2O5 and K2O are completely soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate


  • 10kg Polyethylene bag
  • 25kg Polyethylene bag


  • Fertilizer for foliar feeding
Analyte Unit Typical
Total nitrogen (as N) % 13.0
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N-NH4) % 1.4
Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3) % 11.6
Ureic Nitrogen (N-NH2) % 0
Water Soluble Phosphorus (as P2O5 % 5.0
Water Soluble Phosphorus (as P) % 2.2
Water Soluble Potassium (as K2O) % 41
Water Soluble Potassium (as K) % 34.1
Silicon (Si) ppm 2000
Iron (Fe)* ppm 500
* EDTA-Chelates

Contains plant available silicon form and a special adjuvant for better adhesion to leaf surface


Poly-Feed™ Stim ARMOR
NPK fertilizers enriched with micro-nutrients and readily available silicon – for foliar application 

Positively affecting plant growth and health, silicon benefits for growing crops is well established. 
The silicon added to Poly-Feed™ Stim ARMOR formulae is in the form of fully soluble stabilized silicic acid, which ensures availability for plant uptake, and high efficiency. The silicone in Poly-Feed™ Stim ARMOR features neutral pH and it is free of sodium, which makes it superior to other silicon products.  Poly-Feed™ Stim ARMOR is so efficient, that it needs only small amount to strengthen the plant and to improves its growth.


Available formulae

19-19-19+1+ME+0.2% Si

15-15-30+Fe+0.2 Si

15-15-30+ME+0.2% Si


19-19-19+1+ME+0.4% Si

15-15-30+Fe+0.5% Si

15-15-30+ME+0.4% Si

13-5-41+Fe+0.4% Si

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