Haifa Micro™ Fe 13

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Haifa Micro™ Fe 13

Chelated iron fertilizer, Fe-EDTA (13% Fe)

  • Prevents and cures plant iron deficiencies

  • EDTA chelate - for maximum efficiency

  • Absorbed rapidly and completely

  • Recommended for use is acidic to neutral soils

​Iron plays an important role in chlorophyll formation.
It is involved in cell division that supports plant growth, and in other vital reactions in the plant.
Typical deficiency symptoms: leaf yellowing, interveinal chlorosis.


Chemical and physical properties*

Iron (Fe) content 13%
pH (1% solution) 5
pH Stability range 1.5-6.5
Conductivity (1% solution) 3.20 mS/cm at 20°C
Solubility in water ca. 45 g/L (20°C)
Bulk density untapped ca. 1 g/cm3
Appearance Solid micro granules, blue

*Tolerances as per EC 1009/2019

1 kg buckets in 12 kg boxes (on 576 kg pallets)
2 Kg buckets in 12 kg boxes (on 648 kg pallets)
5 Kg buckets in 20 kg boxes (on 800 kg pallets)
25 Kg buckets (on 750 kg pallets)
Nutrigation™ and foliar nutrition of all crops
Suitable for use in hydroponic systems

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