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Haifa Micro™ Mn 13

Manganese fertilizer, Mn-EDTA (13% Cu)

  • Prevents and cures plant manganese deficiencies
  • EDTA chelate - for maximum efficiency
  • Absorbed rapidly and completely
  • Non-dusting, safe and convenient for handling and application
Manganese (Mn) is required for photosynthesis and respiration.
It improves green color and increases sugar and protein content.
Manganese enhances plant tolerance to high light intensity.
Typical deficiency symptoms: chlorotic mosaic patterns on leaves.

Chemical and physical properties*
Manganese (Mn) content 13%
pH (1% solution) 6
pH Stability range 4 - 9
Conductivity (1% solution) 3.2 mS/cm at 20°C
Solubility in water ca. 400 g/L (20°C)
Bulk density untapped ca. 0.75 g/cm3
Appearance Solid micro granules, yellowish white

*Tolerances as per EC 1009/2019


  • 1 kg buckets in 6 kg boxes (on 396 kg pallets)
  • 2 Kg buckets in 8 kg boxes (on 448 kg pallets)
  • 5 Kg buckets (on 560 kg pallets)
  • 20 Kg buckets (on 700 kg pallets)


  • Nutrigation™ and foliar nutrition of all crops
  • Suitable for use in hydroponic systems
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