Haifa Micro™ Bor-feed

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Haifa Micro™ Bor-feed

Boron fertilizer, boron ethanolamine (11% B)

  • Prevents and cures plant boron deficiencies
  • Absorbed rapidly and completely
  • Liquid formulation, convenient for handling and application
Boron is necessary for cell wall formation, membrane integrity and calcium uptake.
It assists in the translocation of sugars and affects numerous functions in plants, including flowering, pollen germination, fruiting, cell division, water relationships and the transport of hormones.
Typical deficiency symptoms: Impaired growth and broken stems, death of shoot tips, leading to multiple lateral branches (bush-like shape).


Chemical and physical properties*

Boron (B) 11%
pH (1% solution) 7.7
pH Stability range 4 - 9
Conductivity (1% solution) 0.196 mS/cm at 20°C
Density untapped ca. 1.36 g/cm3

*Tolerances as per EC 1009/2019
1 L bottle in 16.32 kg boxes (on 652.8 kg pallets)
5 L jerrycan in 27.2 kg boxes (on 1088 kg pallets)
1000 L IBC (1.360 kg)
Nutrigation™ and foliar nutrition of all crops
Suitable for use in hydroponic systems