Multicote™ Premier- giving the best nutrition to your plants

Multicote™ Premier- giving the best nutrition to your plants

Haifa Group's new premium controlled release fertilizer offers top performance for ornamental nurseries. 

A single application of Multicote™ Premier provides plants with complete, carefully balanced nutrition during their growth, from initial propagation through all the potting stages. 

Multicote™ Premier feeds plants according to their needs, preventing any disruptive shortages or any situations of oversupply that can impair growth and health. 


The benefits of Multicote™ Premier have been demonstrated in trials and field observations, in which higher levels of plant-available nutrients were supplied to the growth medium, which resulted in vital growth of healthy, strong, and resilient plants.

**Multicote™ Premier is certified by RHP, the European knowledge center for growing media. This certificate assures that Multicote™ Premier is produced, packaged, checked, and handled properly, under constant inspection that assures its quality.  


Multi-K™ Inside
Superb Purity
Powerful Micronutrients 
Proven Controlled Release Technology
Multicote™ Premier contains Multi-K™, Haifa's best-selling potassium nitrate and the best source of potassium for plants. The potassium from Multi-K™ is absorbed by the plant easily and more efficiently than any other potassium source, which ensures that the plant enjoys an adequate supply of the potassium essential for its strength and health. 
Multicote™ Premier contains an improved form of essential plant nutrients, for enhanced efficiency of uptake by the plant. Higher rates of water-soluble, plant-available phosphorus ensure an adequate supply of this essential nutrient throughout the growth cycle. 
Multicote™ Premier contains an improved form of the essential plant micronutrients, including iron in the form of EDTA chelate. With better access to iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and boron, plants can reach their growth potential and look their best.
The release of nutrients from Multicote™ Premier is consistent and reliable, thanks to Haifa Group's patented technology that ensures an accurate controlled release of nutrient at a pre-determined rate.

Multicote™ Premier Products:

N-K Balanced Formulae
Recommended for plants that require balanced supply of nitrogen and potassium throughout their growth cycle.  

Multicote™ Premier 15-9-15+2MgO+micronutrients
Available release longevities: 4 month | 6 months | 8 months

♦ Multicote™ Premier 14-9-14+2MgO+micronutrients
Available release longevities: 12 months | 16 months

High-N Formulae 
♦ Multicote™ Premier 17-11-11+1.5MgO+micronutrients
Available release longevities: 4 month | 6 months | 8 months | 12 months

High-K Formulae 
♦ Multicote™ Premier 14-8-20+1.5MgO+micronutrients
Available release longevities: 4 month | 6 months | 8 months


♦ Multicote™ Premier 13-8-20+1.5MgO+micronutrients 
Available release longevities: 12 months


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The only factor that affects the pace of nutrient release is temperature:

ProductTemperature of growth medium
 Multicote™ Premier 4642
 Multicote™ Premier 67-863-4
 Multicote™ Premier 89-1085-6
 Multicote™ Premier 1215-16127-8
 Multicote™ Premier 1620-22169-10