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Magic Kangyoujia® provides the best nutrition for your plants

Haifa Group’s new high-quality controlled-release fertilizers provide the best performance for ornamental nurseries. 

One application of MagicKangyoujia® can provide plants with comprehensive, meticulous and balanced nutrition during the entire growth period from the initial propagation to the potted plants.

MagicKangyoujia® provides nutrients to plants according to their needs, preventing any deficiency or excessive fertilization that may damage the growth and health of plants. 


The advantages of  MoliKangyoujia® have been proven in experiments and field observations. The growth medium has a higher concentration of effective nutrients, and the plant grows vigorously, robustly, and has stronger stress resistance.


Magic Kangyoujia® has passed RHP certification. RHP is the European Research Center for Growing Substrates. This certificate guarantees that the production, packaging, inspection and handling of Magic Conyoujia® have undergone strict inspections to ensure their quality.  

Contains Haifa® Potash Ultrapure Powerful trace elements Controlled release technology proven for many years
Moli Kangyoujia® contains Haifa Potash, Haifa’s best-selling potassium nitrate and the best source of plant potassium. Compared with any other potassium source, the K in Haifa® Potash can be absorbed by plants more easily and efficiently, so as to ensure that the plants get enough potassium supply, which is essential for the plant's strength and health. Molikangyoujia® contains optimized plant essential nutrients, which can improve the absorption efficiency of plants. Better water-soluble and effective phosphate fertilizer for plants can ensure a sufficient supply of basic nutrients throughout the plant growth cycle Magic Kangyoujia® contains essential trace elements of plants in optimized form, including EDTA iron. With better access to iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum and boron, plants can reach their growth potential and show their optimal growth status. The nutrient release of MagicKangyoujia® is consistent and safe and reliable. Thanks to the Haifa Group's patented technology, it can ensure that MagicKangyoujia® accurately controls the release of nutrients at a predetermined rate.


Magic Kangyoujia® products

NK balance formula is
recommended for plants that need to balance the supply of nitrogen and potassium throughout the growth cycle.  

Moli Kangyoujia® 15-9-15+2MgO+ME
controlled release period:  4 months | 6 months | 8 months

♦  Moli Kangyoujia® 14-9-14+2MgO+ME
controlled release period:  12 months | 16 months

High-N formula 
♦  Malikangyoujia® 17-11-11+1.5MgO+ME

Controlled release period:  4 m months | 6 months | 8 months | 12 months

High K formula 
♦  Malikangyoujia® 14- 8-20+1.5MgO+ME

controlled release period:  4 months | 6 months | 8 months


♦  Moli Kangyoujia® 13-8-20+1.5MgO+ME
controlled release period:  12 months


Learn more about Molikang's technology-the principle of controlled release of nutrients 


Magic Health® technology:

The nutrient release rate is only affected by temperature

product Temperature of growing medium
15°C 21°C 30°C
       Multicote™ Premier 4 6 4 2
  Multicote™ Premier 6 7-8 6 3-4
  Multicote™ Premier 8 9-10 8 5-6
  Multicote™ Premier 12 15-16 12 7-8
  Multicote™ Premier 16 20-22 16 9-10