Haifa Group launched 15 environmental projects worth 80$ million in a ceremony


Last Tuesday (25/5/21), an inauguration ceremony of environmental projects was held at the Haifa Negev factory of the Haifa Group. The event took place in the presence of the Minister of Environmental Protection, Gila Gamliel, professionals in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Haifa Group CEO Motti Levin, heads of local authorities and other senior figures in the Negev.


Haifa Group is expanding the Haifa Negev Technologies plant located in Mishor Rotem with a total investment of approximately 1.2 billion NIS  in infrastructure and facilities for the production of special fertilizers. In the event held on Tuesday (25/5) at the Mishor Rotem plant, 15 innovative environmental projects were inaugurated by the Haifa Group, which is a world leader in the field of "precise agriculture", worth $ 80 million.

The event was attended by Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel, professionals in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Haifa Group CEO Motti Levin, Haifa Negev Factory CEO Aviv Samorai, Dimona Mayor and Deputy Prime Minister, Beni Bitton and Head of the Regional Council Tamar, Nir Wenger.

Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel: "The policy we are leading in the Ministry of Environmental Protection requires significant investment on the part of industry. We welcome the progress being made in the field of the environment,but we will not give up and continue to ensure that the plant meets environmental standards to ensure that all our requirements are met. As a large and influential enterprise in Israeli industry, a great public and environmental responsibility also rests on your shoulders".


Mayor Of Dimona, Beni Bitton: "Thanks to the Haifa Negev plant, we have earned over 300 jobs and more is on hand. This factory is the pride of the serious and professional work of the factory staff together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. I will continue to fight on the issue of employment in the south".


Nir Wenger, head of the Tamar Regional Council: "The Haifa Negev plant has been operating in the difficult period of crises in Israel and around the world over the past year, and in spite of everything it has implemented 15 environmental projects, which is certainly not self-evident, thanks to the professional capabilities of the plant and staff. In the end the projects would not have happened without excellent professionals. The council has provided significant manpower to assist in the development of the projects. We convey a very clear line on the environmental issue and I am proud that together we succeed in advancing the issue".


Moti Levin, Haifa Group CEO: "Haifa Group has a deep connection to the environment and the field of sustainability. Haifa products provide solutions for producing maximum production in a minimum of space, while reducing the use of water and avoiding damage to the soil, water sources and greenhouse gas emissions. The same goes for the production chain and environmental projects we are launching here today. The Haifa Group's investment plan, amounting to 1.2 billion NIS  to double production capacity, includes a massive investment in various infrastructure and facilities, with environmental and safety issues at the forefront of our minds. This is a plan that will give significant impetus to the entire Negev region, the industrial park and the surrounding cities and will provide additional jobs in the south".


Aviv Samorai, CEO of Haifa Negev : "The company's activity is not limited to the production site, there is a lot of social activity among the workers and in cooperation with the surrounding cities and the Tamar Council. It is definitely an important part of our culture as a company and an important part of employees. Environmental action is only part of our work and the combination of both, it is the winning combination that characterizes us".