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Haifa Bonus improves export quality of citrus fruit

  A remarkable and highly significant increase in export quality fruit due to decreased rind defects  

Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China


Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)

Foliar feeding of citrus trees: All the benefits of using Haifa's fertilizers

  Boost yield, reduced fruit drop and splitting and increased fruit size – those are just some the advantages using Multi-K  

Citrus nutrient deficiencies

In Haifa's crop deficiencies image library you will find information about citrus nutrient deficiencies, and the suitable fertilizers.

Foliar Feeding

Boost your crops with Haifa's foliar product range.

A small investment that leads to big results. Discover the Haifa Bonus


Citrus beslemesine abone olun.