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All our FAQ - Conttrolled release fertilizers
In order to plan a suitable fertilizer program, some basic information is required: crop nutritional requirements, soil type, water quality, environment conditions and the type of irrigation system. You can use Haifa NutriNet web software to plan irrigation schemes and fertilization programs, based on your specific data. For detailed information, please contact us.
Successful foliar nutrition requires fully soluble fertilizers with a suitable nutritional composition, and good adhesion to the leaf surface. Fertilizers which can be applied in combination with agrochemicals and allow relatively high spray concentrations are preferred. Haifa Bonus products are ideal foliar fertilizers.
Information about foliar nutrition, including useful videos, can be found here. With our lookup tool you can find plenty of additional information.
Yes. We offer an easy-to-use educator that speeds up dissolution and enhances mixing in the tank. See further here.
Please use the branches map and list to locate the relevant Haifa office, and for contact details.
Please use the branches map and list to locate the relevant Haifa office, and for contact details.
Good Nutrigation™ needs monitoring. Continuously analyze EC, pH and nutrients in the irrigation water and in soil solution.
Foliar application of Haifa Bonus improves quality parameters in fruits.
For prompt correction of deficiencies, apply nutrients by foliar sprays. To identify deficiencies and find the best Haifa soultion, feel free to use our crop deficiencies image library.
Controlled release fertilizer formulae are characterized by their nutritional composition and release profile. Choosing the right formula, you should consider the nutritional requirements of your crop and the longevity of its growth season. Expected soil temperatures should also be taken into account, as they affect the release rate. Learn more about Haifa's controlled release fertilizers, and feel free to contact us for additional information.
Haifa's Controlled release fertilizers are available with release longevities of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 months. With the right choice of product, you may provide your crop with continuous nutrition throughout the growth season..
Year-round nutritional program should take care of the changing nutritional needs of the turf plant and support seasonal growth processes. This requires use of formulae with different N:K ratios in different times of the year. Selection of formulae and setting application times and rates should take into consideration the combination of turf species, climate conditions, usage of the lawn and the maintenance level.
Please ask your Haifa products distributor for the relevant MSDS.
To receive complete information about our products distribution, please use the branches map and list to locate the relevant Haifa office, and for contact details.
Controlled release fertilizers offer an ideal fertilization in net houses during the winter.
Apply Multicote before the rainy season to spare the need for technical irrigations.
The FloraMatchTM software helps you predict availability of nutrients throughout the season, and to plan Multicote® controlled release fertilization accordingly.
Yes. Haifa produces potassium nitrate technical grade that suit the high standards of the glass industry. Read more about our industrial chemicals here.
Use our branches map and list, and send an email to Haifa office in your region, asking for contact details of a distributor of Haifa products.
Ask your Haifa products distributor for the relevant MSDS.