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Ινδία: Επιτεύγματα στη λίπανση ζαχαροκάλαμου

Υψηλό καθαρό όφελος με την εφαρμογή του Multi-K μέσω της υδρολίπανσης, αυξημένος αριθμός κόμβων ανά ζαχαροκάλαμο και διακλαδική απόσταση




Sugar-Cane / Co-671

Country / locationIndia / Maharashtra / Pandarpur (dist.) / Ropale (village)
ObjectivesIncrease productivity
Haifa product testedMulti-K
Application methodFertigation
Tested treatmentFertigation on alternate days from 30th to 275th D.A.P
Multi-K @ 225 kg/ha
Control treatment results125 MT/ha of fresh canes
Grower’s return from yield: 2,794 US$/ha
Best treatment results175 MT/ha of fresh canes
Grower’s return from yield: 3,911 US$/ha
Characteristics of best treatmentYield increase: 50 MT/ha of fresh canes
Increased No. of nodes per cane and inter-nodal distance.
Cost of treatment (application + material) 201 US$/ha
Net benefit of best treatment916 US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio5.56
ConclusionsThese results indicate high net benefit of the application employed. It should be repeated in other conditions and if positive, can be adopted as a standard management.
ReferenceR. Raju D.V. NHIL-India