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Σημαντική μείωση της εφαρμογής Ν στο καλαμπόκι με Multicote Agri

Το Multicote Agri επιτρέπει μείωση κατά 22% του συνολικού εφαρμοζόμενου αζώτου χωρίς μείωση της απόδοσης






Country / location / dateFrance (south-east), Mr liataud Michel 04200 MISON, 
Cooperative ALPESUD/ Summer 2003

Maintain total yield with reduced N rate and less applications, and compare Multicote Agri with ENTEC

Haifa product testedMulticote Agri 26-12-8 (blend based on 25% coated + 75% uncoated urea + DAP + MOP)
Application methodBanding at 10 cm under, and 20 cm to the side of the future line of plants
Tested treatment

Multicote Agri:
200 kg/ha of  N  (78% of commercial N application) by Base Dressing  of Multicote Agri, 26-12-8

50 kg/ha of N as urea at sowing + 207 kg/ha of N by Top Dressing of urea @ age of 3 leaves

50 kg/ha of N as ENTEC at sowing + 156 kg/ha of N as TD of ENTEC @ age of 3 leaves (80% of commercial N application). Total ENTEC applied- 600 kg/ha

treatment results

Grain yield - (MT /ha)

Control – 15.3 a

Multicote Agri – 15.3 a

ENTEC - 14.7 a

ConclusionsA 22% reduction in N, all applied at sowing, by banding the Multicote Agri close to the plants roots, has not caused any decrease in the yield. This represents a marked saving in both N fertilizer and application costs, as well as conforming with legal environmental constraints.
Multicote Agri results were superior to those achieved by ENTEC with slightly more N and an additional TD operation.
ReferenceAlpesud; L. Aubertin Duclos International