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Το Haifa Bonus βελτίωσε την παραγωγικότητα του καφέ στην Κένυα

Η αύξηση της απόδοσης οφείλεται κυρίως στο μεγαλύτερο μέγεθος των σπόρων


Coffee/ Arabica
Country / locationKenya / five estates around Thika
ObjectivesIncrease bean yield
Haifa product testedHaifa Bonus 13-2-44
Application methodFoliar nutrition
Tested treatment3 x 2% foliar @ 1,000 lit./ha in June-Aug. (final stages of fruit growth)
Control treatment results2.2 MT/ha of green beans.
Grower’s revenue from yield: 2,450 US$/MT
Best treatment results2.38 MT/ha of green beans.
Grower’s revenue from yield: 2,613 US$/MT
Characteristics of best treatmentYield increase: 8% yield increase over the control, achieved in the best-maintained estate. Mean increase for all estates was 6%.
Yield increase was consistently the result of increase in bean size. Bean differential prices:
Class AA- 133 $US / 50kg bag (= 2,660 $/MT)
Class AB- 126 $US / 50kg bag (= 2,520 $/MT)
Class C   - 119 $US / 50kg bag (= 2,380 $/MT)
All treated trees were greener and apparently less exhausted after harvest.
Cost of treatment (application + material) 30 US$/ha
Net benefit of best treatment163  US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio5.4

The treatments are efficient means for increasing yield and quality parameters

ReferenceP. Mortensen, K. Kuria, (Standard Chartered), Y. Soffer