Haifa Micro™ - Micronutrients fertilizer

Water soluble chelated micronutrients for Nutrigation™ and foliar nutrition
Intensive crop production calls for perfectly balanced nutrition that includes all plant essentials.
Special care and reliable monitoring are required when it comes to micronutrient deficiencies, as they may impair plant growth.
Even hidden deficiencies, with no visual symptoms, put yield levels and crop quality at risk.
For adequate supply of micronutrients throughout the growth cycle and for prompt correction of deficiencies it is recommended to apply Haifa Micro™ - micronutrient fertilizer.
Haifa Micro™ products are the ideal complement for plant nutrition in a broad variety of crops, for optimal development and best yield.
Designed for Nutrigation™ and for foliar application, Haifa Micro™ dissolves fully and rapidly in water.
Haifa Micro™ micronutrient fertilizers are manufactured according to the highest international standards, with strict quality control.
Haifa Micro™
  • Complements plant nutrition
  • Facilitates growth and boosts vigor
  • Correct deficiencies and cure mal-functioning of the plant
  • Supports flowering and fruiting
  • Enhances plant resistance to disease, insects and frost
Haifa Micro™ products
pH stability range*
Iron-EDTA 13%
acidic - neutral (1.5-6.5)
Iron-EDDHA 6%
slightly acidic - alkaline (3-10)
Manganese-EDTA 13%
slightly acidic - alkaline (3-10)
Zinc-EDTA 14%
acidic - alkaline (2-10)
Copper-EDTA 14%
acidic - alkaline (1.5-10)
7.1% Fe, 3.48% Mn, 1.02% Zn, 0.76% Cu, 
All as EDTA chelates
0.485% Mo as ammonium molybdate
slightly acidic - neutral (3-6.5)
6.5% Fe-DTPA, 3.48 Mn-EDTA, 
1.02% Zn-EDTA, 0.76% Cu-EDTA
0.485% Mo as ammonium molybdate
slightly acidic - neutral (3.5-7.5)
* Actual stability range depends on physical and chemical properties of the growth medium
The benefits of Haifa Micro™ - micronutrients fertilizer
  • All micronutrients are in a chelated form, to maximize stability and efficiency
  • Compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals enables tank-mixing, thus reducing the cost of spray operations by minimizing the number of application needed
  • Haifa Micro™ chelates are absorbed by the plant rapidly and efficiently
  • Haifa Micro™ chelates are fully soluble in water
The mechanism of chelates
Chelate is a complex of a micronutrient ion and an organic molecule that "holds" it, called ligand. As long as the ion is attached to the ligand, it is protected from interacting with other ions in the solution, which might turn it unavailable for plant uptake.
As the micronutrient ions are consumed by the plant, more ions are released from the holding ligands, thus becoming available for plant uptake.
This mechanism maximizes the efficiency of the micro nutrients applied. When Haifa Micro™ is applied by Nutrigation™, the chelates ensure availability of micronutrients in both alkaline and acidic soils.
Iron (Fe) plays an important role in chlorophyll formation. It is involved in cell division that supports plant growth, and in other vital reactions in the plant.
Typical deficiency symptoms: leaf yellowing, interveinal chlorosis.

Iron deficiencies in corn

Iron deficiencies in soybean

Iron deficiencies in canola
The solution: Haifa Micro™ Fe
Manganese (Mn) is required for photosynthesis and respiration. It improves green color and increases sugar and protein content. Manganese enhances plant tolerance to high light intensity. 
Typical deficiency symptoms: chlorotic mosaic patterns on leaves.

Manganese deficiencies in corn

Manganese deficiencies in avocado

Manganese deficiencies in tomato

Manganese deficiencies in soybean
The solution: Haifa Micro™ Mn
Zinc (Zn) is involved in synthesis of proteins and in the formation of seeds and promotes plant growth and vigor.
Typical deficiency symptoms: blotching of leaves.

Zinc deficiencies in corn

Zinc deficiencies in sugarcane

Zinc deficiencies in citrus

Zinc deficiencies in pecan
The solution: Haifa Micro™ Zn
Copper (Cu) is essential for chlorophyll formation, cell wall building and many enzymatic mechanisms. It supports seed formation and reproduction, increases sugar content, intensifies color and improves flavor in fruits and vegetables.
Typical deficiency symptoms: wilting of top leaves.

Copper deficiencies in corn

Copper deficiencies in wheat
The solution: Haifa Micro™ Cu
Deficiency pictures - courtesy of IPNI (International Plant Nutrition Institute)
Use Haifa's crop deficiencies image library to select the most suitable fertilizer