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Food phosphates

Haifa is a leading developer, producer and marketer of food phosphates for all segments of food and beverage industry, including Bakery, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy and Vegetable processing.

Haifa's food phosphates include sodium, potassium and calcium phosphates, straight phosphates and special blends. Custom- made blends are also available upon request.




Haifa's leavening agents are vital ingredients for virtually any bakery product.

Bakery products
B 401
B 403
B 391
B 393
B 281
B 283
B 285
M 225
M 223
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Fish & Seafood

Haifa's food phosphates are designed to reduce drip losses during cooking and improve texture, tenderness and juiciness.

Fish & Seafood
Fish & Seafood products
F 241S
F 701
F 252
F 261
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Haifa's food phosphates provide buffering and emulsification properties, enhance melting characteristics and promote ease of slicing in cheese.

Dairy products
C 510
C 511
C 512
C 521
C 522
C 523
C 524
C 533
C 534
Dairy products
C 535
M 233
M 221
M 225
C 313i
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Haifa's food phosphates are ideal for preventing darkening and discoloration during vegetable processing.

Vegetables products
R 221
R 222
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