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The story of the Haifa Group, and the deep connection to the story of the state since then

The company's decades of operations have made Haifa a world leader, known for finding innovative solutions in all areas of expertise.

Since its inception in 1966, Haifa has become a world leader in the field of specialty plant nutrition. The company sells a wide range of quality products in more than 100 countries through 16 subsidiaries spread throughout the world. The Haifa brand has become a symbol of quality and pioneering in the global agriculture industry.



Protecting the environment
As a company that strengthens agriculture, the Haifa Group places environmental protection at the forefront through a wide range of actions: developing special solutions that reduce
Increasing agricultural productivity
The group is considered a pioneer in its field thanks to breakthrough developments that allow growth to be more resilient and more productive. These developments are the center of development and innovation of the Haifa Group.
Contribution to the Israeli economy
As part of its extensive operations, the Group is responsible for the employment of approximately 5,000 employees directly and indirectly. Alongside manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada and France, the main facility is located on the plain
Make the future
The Haifa Group's key mission is to create efficient and advanced plant-feeding solutions for farmers around the world, and according to their needs. This approach, along with in-depth familiarity

The birth of the company

It all started from the idea of a scientist To produce potassium nitrate from Israel's few natural resources


A new plant was established in Haifa

When the new plant is established, faults are discovered and the place is disabled. The problem-solving process takes two years.


The upheaval

For years, Haifa has become a profitable 4 company within

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Breakthrough developments

Social scientists are developing advanced and revolutionary fertilizer products that become brands.


From the stock exchange in Israel - to subsidiaries in the world

The company is listed on the stock exchange, rebranded and establishes subsidiaries around the world


Innovative Fertilization Technologies

Controlled release fertilizer technology makes the company's offerings even more innovative


New factory and business competition

A new factory is set up in the South A significant competitor has emerged in South America


Israeli exports are growing

Contribution to the Israeli economy in employment, export and economic development


Sustainable development

Expands its investment in the United Nations Sustainable and Acceptable Development, thereby embracing the Global Compact for a responsible social

The expansion plan in Israel

Announces its expansion plan in Israel, doubling production capacity and establishing an ammonia production plant
after 2020

Pioneering the Future

Applications, innovative technologies, and knowledge sharing with world farmers.

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