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"The best papaya yield in Gujarat"

At his 36 Hectares plantation, Mr. Pushprajsinh Shivsinh Rathod grows papaya.

With a yield of 200 Ton/Hectare he is proud to have the record for papaya yield in the Gujarat district, India.

Mr. Pushprajsinh uses Haifa fertilizers for over 8 years, and follows a detailed fertilization program provided by Agro Exim, an authorized distributor of Haifa products in Gujarat.



Mr. Pushprajsinh said: “I found that the Haifa fertilizers are the best ones for my papaya trees. I mainly use Multi-K™ ClassicPoly-Feed™ GG 20-20-20, and Poly-Feed™ GG 13-40-13.
Apart from the excellent production, during application I noticed that we do not have any blockage in the drip irrigation system, probably because the fertilizers dissolve in water very fast”.