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Agriculture news & innovations: meet the lettuce robot

The robotic laborer identifies weed, and releases a concentrated dose of fertilizer. And what is the relation between Lady Gaga and a new genus of ferns?

Agriculture news & innovations: meet the lettuce robot

The dilemma between automated work and human labor has surfaced from the very beginning of the industrial revolution. As technology advances, the need for human labor is decreasing. That is the case with the "lettuce bot", designed to identify weed automatically in the lettuce field, and take care of it. This issue, and many other important and fascinating agricultural issues, is presented here. 

Agriculture & technology 

This is not sci-fi: the lettuce bot can identify weed, or a lettuce head growing too close to another one, and release a concentrated dose of fertilizer. Do you think it will eventually replace the human labor? 

Here's another way technology helps growers: crop sensors that may lead to better pest control. 

The food crisis 

Food vs. fuel: Is there surplus land for bioenergy? 

Possible ecological disasters in Europe 

The native ash trees are endangered, due to spread of deadly fungal disease. With the help of a designated mobile app, it's easier to report possible sightings of the disease 

Imported trees are posing a risk to Europe's native plants 

Plant science special videos 

Did you know that trees are communicating one with the other? Watch the lecture Prof. Ariel Novoplansky gave at TEDxJaffa 

What is The importance of plant chemistry? Watch and learn. 

When pop and plants meet 

Lady Gaga inspires not only millions of teenagers, but also a biologist from Duke University: 19 Species of Ferns were named after the pop star 

Read my previous post: is the drought here to stay?

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