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Haifa Blog


Q&A: Poly-Feed™ Drip for foliar spray

Q: Can "Poly-Feed Drip" be used also as foliar spray? If yes, what is the recommended dosage per backpack sprayer 16 liter?

A: All Poly-Feed products are produced from high quality ingredients and they are fully soluble in water so it possible to use it for foliar nutrition, but for achieving the best results you should use "Poly-Feed Foliar" products which are specifically designed for foliar nutrition. The "Poly-Feed Foliar" formulae are based on low-biuret urea and contain high concentrations of micronutrients in the form of EDTA chelates. 

The general application rate is 0.5-1.0% = 80-160 gram per 16 liter water backpack but some crops have different application rate. It is good practice, in the first time that you spray a new product on your crop, to spray a small part of the field and wait a few days to see if the plants are not sensitive to foliar feeding.

You can find more information about Poly-Feed™ foliar here


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