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Multicote Agri incresded sweet corn yield in Israel

Multicote Agri incresded sweet corn yield in Israel


Even though total applied nitrogen was reduced by 25%, a significant yield increase was obtained following a single application of Multicote Agri



Maize / Conquest - sweet corn for human consumption

Country / location / date Israel (northen part)/  Gonen / Gadash Calanit / Summer 2005

Maintain total yield with reduced N rate

Haifa product tested Multicote Agri 43-0-0, 30% coated, 2 Months
Application method BD by banding near the sowing line. Soil: peat-clay
Tested treatment

Multicote Agri 43-0-0 as pre plant application
Total N applied = 210 kg/ha

BD by broadcasting AN + urea, (36% of total N) + 1 TD, (64% of total N), 3 weeks after emergence.
Total N applied = 280 kg/ha

Control treatment results
Grain yield - (MT /ha)


Best treatments results
Grain yield - (MT /ha)
Conclusions Multicote agri applied at as low as 75% of the control treatment, applied by BD, produced significantly higher yield than the control
Reference Tal Shani, Haifa