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Haifa Group and Saipem signed a contract for the building of an ammonia plant in Israel

Dear Haifa Colleagues, 


I am happy to announce the signing of an agreement to build an ammonia plant at the Haifa Negev, in Mishor Rotem. Over the past two years, the company has conducted an intensive tender process, and four groups consisting of the leading companies in their field in the world have reached the final stage of the tender. After examining the proposed solutions, technologies and experience of the bidders, an international group headed by the Italian company SAIPEM was selected.

SAIPEM is an international provider of solutions in the field of energy and infrastructure, which has established a large number of similar plants in the world. The technology used by the company belongs to the Danish giant Haldor Topsoe, a technology that meets the highest standards in the field in terms of safety, environment, efficiency and reliability, and has been implemented in over 60 ammonia projects in the last decade in Denmark, Slovakia, Australia, USA, Argentina and more.

The facility, which involves an investment of over $ 200 million, is expected to produce about 100,000 tons of ammonia a year and its construction will take about three years. SAIPEM's work includes engineering, procurement, construction and equipment for the production facility and its operation. With its establishment, a stable, safe and continuous supply of ammonia will be made possible, which, as we all know, constitutes a very important raw material in Haifa's production processes. We are expected to use about 70% of the ammonia that will be produced, the rest of the output will be offered for sale to customers in Israel for the wide range of uses of ammonia - fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paint, refrigerants, synthetic fibers and more.

The construction of the facility is the largest investment that Haifa has ever made in a single facility and is another step in implementing the Haifa Group's expansion plan to double the production capacity of "Haifa Negev" in Mishor Rotem and as mentioned, it will be carried out at the world's highest standards of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Self-production of ammonia will enable a continuous, stable and independent supply of the main raw material in the process of manufacturing the quality flagship products of Haifa. This is a strategic move that strengthens the Haifa Group's position as a world leader in the production and supply of precise nutrients for the plant that contribute to increasing agricultural yields while maintaining ecological balance.

Dear friends, after the unconventional challenges we have faced in the last four years, the construction of the ammonia facility is an example of everything that characterizes 'Haifa' - determination, strength and initiative!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project team headed by Dr. Eli Abramov - Sharon Eyal, Gil Elimelech, Ronel Lauran of Adir company, Uri Gutman, Dorit Koltin - and all the consultants and Haifa team members, who have accompanied us throughout the past two years. This is also an opportunity to remind all of us that in fact we are only in the initial stage of the project. The lion's share is still ahead of us. The next three years will be full of doing and I am convinced that we will be able to meet the challenges before us, with professionalism and consolidation, as always.


Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating, and a happy new year to all of us !!!