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Optimizing Asparagus with Haifa

Yossi Evyatar, an Israeli asparagus grower, uses Haifa's fertilizers for over 8 years.

"I follow the fertilization programs on Haifa's website and the results are always good"


In his 15 hectares family farm in Kerem Maharal, Israel, Yossi Evyatar grows asparagus since 1989, and Broccolini, a green vegetable similar to broccoli but with smaller florets and longer, thin stalks. "I use Haifa products for many years" said Yossi. "Beside of the fertilizers that I found as the best ones for my crops, I enjoy the detailed fertilization programs Haifa shares on its web site. I just follow the guidelines provided on the site and the results are always good".
While using mainly Haifa Multi-K™ (13-0-46) potassium nitrate, and Haifa MAP (12-61-0), Yossi applies the fertilizers via dripping irrigation systems.
Yossi added: "While in Europe the asparagus yield for three months a year, from April to June, here we have almost nine months season, from March to late November. The broccolini yields from May to November. As the broccolini is not that common crop, I uses the Haifa fertilization program for Broccoli and adjust it a little to fit the broccolini needs."