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Soluble NPK fertilizers enhanced with seaweed extracts

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Poly-Feed NPK fertilizers provide crops with all the nutritional elements needed for healthy development. Enrichment with seaweed extracts stimulates plant growth and improves plant nutrition, resulting in better performance of the fertilizer – and the plant.


Seaweed extracts: small addition that goes a long way

The seaweed extracts contain a wide range of nutrients, growth bio-stimulants and conditioners that act together to improve both plant development and soil properties.
Better plant development
The seaweed extracts catalyze cellular metabolism and enhance cellular production of growth hormones, two processes that promote plant development.
The seaweed extracts also encourage chlorophyll production in the plant. Increased chlorophyll levels enhance the absorption of the sun's energy. With more available energy, all growth processes in the plant are stimulated, resulting in stronger, healthier growth.
Enriched plant nutrition
The seaweed extracts contain a range of plant micronutrients in the form of stable chelates. These help preventing those minor deficiencies that may cause major damages.
By enhancing the development of root system, the seaweed extracts improve the ability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients from the soil.
Improved plant strength
The seaweed extracts stimulate synthesis of antioxidants and other chemical compounds that improve plant strength.
Additionally, the seaweed extracts help to increase the population of beneficial microbes in the soil.
These microbes create a “biological barrier” between the plant and pathogens, and improve the natural tolerance of the plant.
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