Haifa VitaPhos-K™ - Water soluble fertilizer

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Precipitation-proof phosphate for soilless Nutrigation


Plants absorb phosphorus primarily in the form of monovalent phosphate ion – H2PO4-, the form that most phosphoric fertilizers provide. However, the phosphate ion is liable to form insoluble precipitates with cations from the soil, thus becoming unavailable for plant uptake.

Haifa VitaPhos-K™ is an innovative fertilizer designed to keep the phosphorus in the solution.
Haifa VitaPhos-K™ is an ideal source of phosphorus for crops in soilless media.

How Haifa VitaPhos-K™ works

Haifa VitaPhos-K™ contains phosphorus in the form of soluble polyphosphates. Unlike the phosphate ion, polyphosphates remain in the solution and do not precipitate.

In the root zone, the polyphosphate chain undergoes slow hydrolysis, providing plant available phosphate over time. The rate of hydrolysis depends on the length and the spatial structure of the chain. The composition of Haifa VitaPhos-K™ ensures that the hydrolysis occurs at the right time and the right location – by the surface of the root.


Haifa VitaPhos-K™ prevents both fast hydrolysis resulting in phosphate precipitation and too-slow hydrolysis creating deficiencies. The pH of the solution does not affect the rate of hydrolysis and phosphate availability.

Product analysis

P2O5 31%
P 13.6%
K2O 49%
N-NO3 4%


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